From the daily archives: Saturday, January 23, 2010

Normally when I post these, I like to shine a light on stuff so far out of the mainstream that calling it “indie” would be a stretch (in fact, one artist I like has a song called “Indier than Thou” with a lyric that goes “if I were on an indie label, you could call me mainstream.”)

But not these next two. These next two are giant hits that, I am ashamed to admit, I crank up and bounce my head to in the car. I’m not even sure why I’m admitting this, except maybe I’m looking for absolution. Father […]

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Eric touched on Sharen Neuhardt being drafted for Secretary of State.

Of course, this is all rumor until we here at PB confirm it. I am comfortable stating that what Anthony is hearing is correct*. I?ll also add that I?m hearing this was a true grassroots draft movement from progressives unhappy with Garrison as a candidate. Neuhardt was asked to run and is currently gauging support in the form of pledges to make a decision which way to go.

In addition, the rumors continue to grow louder that Garrison may drop out. ?It’s time. ?Jennifer Garrison has learned, very […]

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I signed Lee Fisher’s petition today at the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting for May 5 primary endorsements, happily. ?I’ve always wanted to see a primary in this race, we’ve got one, no reason not to sign. ?But it does strike me as odd that the so-called “inevitable” candidate is still collecting petitions, with paid staff, at his own home county’s primary endorsement meeting, where the party refuses to endorse him. ?Fun.

The meeting was fairly drama free, except for two races. ?In the Ohio State Senate district 23 primary, the county party had to go to a […]

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President Obama, in his weekly address, comments on the recent 5-4 Supreme Court decision that we’ve been discussing here at PG:

So let me get this straight. You can ship jobs overseas. Set up a foreign corporation. Then use said foreign corporation to affect U.S. elections. There should be teabaggers in the streets over this one, but don’t hold your breath. Their trumped up corporatist astroturf rallies don’t really give fuck all for Democracy.

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Anthony at ODB breaks the news that former candidate for Congress in OH-07 Sharen Neuhardt is considering a run for Secretary of State to oppose Jennifer Garrison in a Democratic Primary.

This may have been a bit lost in the shuffle of President Obama’s visit to Ohio, but it’s an interesting development and an important one. Jennifer Garrison desperately needs a primary. Despite the bewildering cover this conservative wolf in Democratic sheep’s clothing received from the largest progressive mouthpiece in Ohio, there is a large grassroots sentiment opposing Garrison on a statewide ticket. The gay and lesbian […]

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Modern has been hitting Kasich pretty hard recently on his plan to eliminate Ohio’s income tax, which Johnny claims will improve Ohio’s currently-crappy economic conditions. The example Kasich gives as “proof” for his no-income-tax=better-economy has continued to be Florida despite the fact that Florida’s economy has been tanking worse than Ohio’s the past few quarters.

The truth is: Florida is not the model we want to follow. Florida had a good run – mainly because it is warm and has beaches. People from places like Ohio obviously find that appealing. But Florida is like any other place. It […]

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