Anthony gets Lee at the Barack Obama event in Elyria – why couldn’t Lee be at the Barack Obama event last year in his hometown of Shaker Hts? I digress – and Lee does what Lee does best. ?Talks a lot, says precisely nothing.

In particular, Lee would not answer any process questions on health care, i.e., should the House just pass the Senate bill as is, or start over, or push through with reconciliation, or do something else. ? Process questions are the ONLY questions remaining on health care, and Lee just blah blahs his way past the opportunity to show leadership. ?Typical.

Then Lee does some bizarre dance about who the outsider would be vs. Rob Portman, claiming the outsider mantle because he’s lived in Ohio, and Portman’s lived in DC. ?Um….Lee Fisher is an outsider? ?Does Lee really think anyone will believe that? ?I guess it must make you feel like an outsider when after 30 years in politics your home county Democratic Party isn’t going to endorse you tomorrow at Euclid High School, or ODP won’t endorse you, but really? ?There’s no outsider on the ballot if Lee Fisher faces Rob Portman in the fall.

Lee blathered on about jobs….I don’t know who is running Lee’s message, but talk about the toughest assignment of this entire cycle – having Lee talk about jobs without reminding everyone that Lee put himself in charge of….jobs. ?Lee is so vulnerable on the issue, he’s asking people for suggestions…on jobs. ?Lee’s candidacy is a walking, living, breathing, off-message contradiction. ?Lee doesn’t even have to open his mouth for voters to know it. ?And when he does open his mouth, he makes it worse.

Thank God Jennifer Brunner filed for this race.

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