The Kafka-esque comedy that is the Lee Fisher for US Senate campaign just gets better by the day. ?Yesterday, Lee Fisher’s campaign posted a link at BSB asking for ideas on creating jobs. ?Irony, they name is ROFL. ?But don’t stop laughing! ?At the bottom of the page is this little nugget.

Disclaimer: Please note that we reserve the right to delete ideas or comments that are unnecessarily abusive, repetitive, or unrelated to generating new jobs for Ohio. All ideas are welcome, but be advised that Lee does not consider legalizing marijuana a viable option for creating jobs.

Allrighty then!!

On the substance, I don’t know why this suggestion is routinely rejected out of hand. ?I can think of no faster way to…er….stimulate the economy. ?On the hilarity aspect of Lee’s website apparently being deluged with NORML types, well….ain’t the Democratic Party awesome?

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  • What's with all the “promoted from the forums” candidate nonsense? That drives me nuts. FWIW, candidates don't have accounts on PB. There's a place for their message though. Over there to the right.

  • scottpullins

    Agriculture is Ohio's number one industry, but most smaller farmers struggle. Pot would help this sector simply take off.

    Its working in California and in Canada, why not here?

  • Not to mention the hemp variety of cannabis for industrial use. We should use lots more hemp and bamboo.

    Hopefully the Obama administration will take action on the hemp issue. It's idiotic that we associate it with getting high. Most industrial hemp has less than .3% THC content. It'd actually be funny watching a stoner try to cop a buzz off the stuff.

  • Shalom Tim,

    I just left a suggestion for Lee.



  • knoxcat

    And Lee Fisher went to Oberlin.

    Enough said.

  • scottpullins

    There's a guy I know from way back in OU days that has a company in Athens making all kind of Hemp based products. It has all kinds of cool applications.

    Plus I think smoking that type of hemp makes you sick too.

  • He didn't grow it though.

  • MattCS

    Really with the legalization people don't realize that it is not all for the DRUG, hemp could be very prevalent of a crop with legalization to cultivate the plant.

    It would mean a breath of life not only into agriculture, but paper production, textiles, rope (hey its still used for stuff!) and other fiberous materials that hemp is a great product for, and being the rather diverse state that we are we could take advantage of a great deal of that.

    It could also be used as leverage of 'going green' by using the hemp to replace wood for paper production. All around it would be a rather solid idea.

    You're right on Eric, and it can be bred to have very thick stems and nearly no THC like you cited which produce more fiber for the applications.

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  • MattCS

    I like it! Not as if other countries don't already do the exact thing.

    Not to mention it would give police forces something else to do besides chase down people doing this, and make it safer/cleaner.

    But we can't have that here, think of the horrible things that happen when you legalize these horrible horrible things *eye roll*

  • Shalom Matt,

    Appeal to people's basic avarice and you have them by the genitals.



  • anastasjoy

    I can think of a number of incredibly positive impacts that legalizing marijuana could have on the economy, starting with the ability to tax it and therefore help stem the layoffs in various levels of government ? school systems, safety forces , human services etc. In addition, if we released everyone who is in prison for a nonviolent offense relating to marijuana and ceased prosecuting them, we could probably save billions annually in prison and court costs. That money could be used for economic development. In addition, those people who have been sent away for marijuana-related “crimes” could be productive, tax-paying citizens, instead of felons who can't find employment. In fact, I can't think of anything but upsides ? and I don't even smoke pot and never have.

    I don't know if Lee Fisher actually IS a tool ? but he is sure playing one in his campaign.

  • Absolutely spot on Anastasia! I forcefully agree with you here.

  • AlysonAmber

    I don't think you realise the long term effects of marijuana legalization… This would create an entire American nation addicted to marijuana? Do you really want that to happen? Now let's be serious and don't forget that drugs are illegal for one good reason: they can kill you and can create psychological problems that will never be treated no matter what… Do you want that? Really now?

  • mvirenicus

    i've been dealing with the public for most of my working life. stoners are far more tolerable than drunks and generally better company than the majority of “clean and sober” people.

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