The Kafka-esque comedy that is the Lee Fisher for US Senate campaign just gets better by the day. ?Yesterday, Lee Fisher’s campaign posted a link at BSB asking for ideas on creating jobs. ?Irony, they name is ROFL. ?But don’t stop laughing! ?At the bottom of the page is this little nugget.

Disclaimer: Please note that we reserve the right to delete ideas or comments that are unnecessarily abusive, repetitive, or unrelated to generating new jobs for Ohio. All ideas are welcome, but be advised that Lee does not consider legalizing marijuana a viable option for creating jobs.

Allrighty then!!

On the substance, I don’t know why this suggestion is routinely rejected out of hand. ?I can think of no faster way to…er….stimulate the economy. ?On the hilarity aspect of Lee’s website apparently being deluged with NORML types, well….ain’t the Democratic Party awesome?

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