Time to comment on Martha Coakley, Scott Brown, health care, Barack Obama, and the Great Panic of 2010.

What the hell is wrong with you people? ?At this point in the Clinton presidency, Republicans were claiming that Hillary had murdered Vince Foster, put him in a trunk, and dumped in a park. ?At this point in the Reagan presidency, the economy was in the toilet, with predictions that Reagan wouldn’t even dare to run for re-election. ?At this point in Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency, the country was teetering on the brink of societal meltdown.

Democrats just lost Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat to an unknown Republican, so yeah, that sucks, and so do Democrats for losing it. ?Health care reform is on the brink, it shouldn’t be, and that’s our fault, too. ?Call the fucking wahmbulance. ?Remember this scene from The Godfather? ?”AHHH what can I do! What can I do!”

Time to start acting like men. ?And women. ?Instead of like whining children.

Change isn’t easy. ?That’s the lesson that we are learning. ?If you thought you could walk down to the polling place, put a mark on a ballot, and get every single thing you wanted from your country, you’re a lazy, sorry excuse for an American. ?Grow the fuck up.

It don’t work that way. ?You get from your democracy what you put into it. ?If all you put into it is one campaign for president, and then you sit back and wait for your plate of goodies, chances are, that plate isn’t gonna be what you want.

This especially applies to members of Congress. ?Barack Obama called your bluff. ?Every member of Congress, Democrat & Republican, has been campaigning on health care reform for years. ?The White House said “show me what ya got”, and ya’ll came up with bullshit. ?Members of Congress have done nothing but play games to save their own skins, from Max Baucus, to Ben Nelson, to House blue dogs, every one of whom has made losing their seat more likely as a result. ?And Republicans showed their hand from inauguration day – they have no plan, and they want no plan to pass.

Does Barack deserve criticism for failing to show leadership on the issue? ?Maybe, but I tend to think not. ?I don’t know what else this president could have done to provide leadership on health care reform in a total absence of leadership from Congress. ?We do not have a system that allows a president to declare what health care reform should look like. ?We have a system that rewards leadership in all branches of government, punishes cowardice, and gives ample opportunity for change to those who choose between leadership and cowardice wisely.

As Barack has said, change will not come if we wait for some other person, or we wait for some other time. ?We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Democrats need to make better choices. ?We need to grow a pair. ?Republicans have nothing but, waving their flacid vapid arrogance around as if it amounts to policy. ?Once Democrats meet Republicans on that battlefield, we win. ?Every time.

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  • mvirenicus

    the democratic party hasn't had any balls since american capitalism castrated organized labor and you know it. all it has left to it now are a buncha mealy-mouthed do-gooder pansies who never did an honest day's work in their lives. the results are in front of our face. hell, i'd rather have my gov't run by “Guido” than what we have now.

  • seditious

    I don't disagree with everything you are saying Tim. But here's some things to consider:

    Reagan spent his first 3 years in office unfairly blaming all economic problems on Carter. Obama could fairly blame today's economy on Bush (and Clinton) —Glass-Steagel, Bush tax cuts for tycoons, unnecessary wars, NAFTA, WTO— but never goes that route.

    After just 2 months in office, FDR created millions of jobs using the government as the employer of last resort. He quickly put Wall Street and the banks in their place. Obama came into office in the midst of a financial/Wall Street collapse and did not seize the day.

    Regarding health care. Why pass a huge, complex bill that is a give-away to Big Insurance? Instead, bring up single-item votes that box in the Republicans and corporate Dems.

    Let's see who wants to vote to keep pre-existing conditions, life-time caps, and anti-trust exemption. Let's get an up-and-down vote on the public option and an ERISA waiver for states to enact single-payer. Same for reimportation of prescription drugs and Medicare negotiating for bulk drug prices.

    Instead, Rahmbama handed over HCR reform to Max Baucus, Joe LIEberman and Olympia Snowe.

    This ain't about bashing Obama. It's just time for the Dems to start taking care of business and Obama is the leader of the Democratic Party. Scott Brown's win shows that people want change and policies that revive the middle class.

  • Shalom Seditious,

    Hear, hear!



  • MattCS

    Good thoughts.

    Overall the biggest problem seems to be the same ones as always in Congress.

    Each and every politician looking for how to get the biggest payout for their interests while trying to undermine anyone who tries to threaten that.

    Problem is now theres so many different ones that they are fighting more because each interest and change undermines many many many of those interests. At least that is my theory for the moment. More caffine is required.

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