One example stands out in stark relief. County Prosecutor Bill Mason wrote his own office into the new charter as the sole remaining elected county office. It?s a rare post-soviet dictator who is so shameless as to write his own office into perpetuity. That the PD uttered not one peep of protest at this blatantly undemocratic power grab is simply stunning.

Mason, perhaps the single most driving force behind Issue 6 other than the PD, is so compromised he is now widely rumored to be resigning in laughable flight from a government he claimed he had just ?reformed? by writing his own seat into it.

The entire time, before, during and after the Issue 6 campaign, the Plain Dealer, in total understanding of who Bill Mason is, has whistled past the Mason Machine?s ticking time bombs, which continue to tick, ever louder. The editors of the old Soviet house organ newspapers Pravda and Izvestia would applaud if they could just get their jaws off the floor.

It’s on.

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