The first denial anyone has ever heard regarding the rampant rumors that Bill Mason is about to resign comes from one of his former prosecutors, Lakewood Mayor Ed Fitzgerald, currently running for County Executive.

I ran into Fitzgerald at a taping for Bob Conklin’s show on Time Warner local access, In The Spotlight, where I appear as a panelist with the PD’s Henry Gomez (!!!). ?Fitzgerald was Conklin’s first interview, and on his way out of the studio, I asked him if he planned to run for prosecutor when Bill Mason resigns. Fitzgerald laughed, hard, then paused, then said Mason wasn’t gonna resign.

I asked Fitzgerald if he wanted to go on the record with that.

Fitzgerald paused again. ?Thought for a moment.

I asked again if he wanted to go on the record.

Fitzgerald then said, “sure, I’ll say that on the record if you want.” ?I responded, “you just did, thanks!”

Now, I don’t know why Ed Fitzgerald, a former FBI agent, and former county prosecutor with Bill Mason’s office, would be in a position to know this, would want to say so on the record, while he’s running for county executive, while Bill Mason resignation rumors are still at fever pitch.

Any guesses? ?The possibilities are endless!