Ohio’s two Democratic U.S. Senate candidates – Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher and Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner – shared the stage at a forum here Wednesday night, but the 90-minute session had the feel of separate events.

And of course, Lee’s campaign arm….er….I mean the Hamilton County Women’s Democratic Caucus, parroted Lee’s own talking points verbatim.

“I want to remind you – this is not a debate,” Quinlivan said. “Repeat after me – this is not a debate.”

On the internets, we call that a ROFLMAO. ?Lee’s first priority was to keep Jennifer Brunner from filing, that happened yesterday. ?Lee’s second priority was to get the ODP endorsement, that isn’t happening, in fact, Lee’s own home county Democratic Party isn’t going to endorse Lee. ?Lee’s next priority was to not share a stage with Jennifer Brunner, and that happened last night, over the pathetic attempts of his stalking horses within HCWDC.

Thank God Lee Fisher will not be our nominee in the fall.