Holy bleeping bleep.

OhioDaily has confirmed that the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party will not be taking up the issue of Fisher v. Brunner when they meet this Saturday morning to endorse candidates for state and countywide office for the May primary. According to a spokesperson for the county party, there will not be action taken on an endorsement unless the Ohio Democratic Party chooses to endorse on their own.

ODP ain’t moving on this before Saturday if Lee’s home county ain’t pushing it. ?So this means Lee will not get the endorsement of his home county party for this US Senate seat.


This may be the first fallout from Issue 6 for Lee. ?Lee endorsed Bill Mason’s Issue 6, over the vast majority of elected Cuyahoga County Democrats, without question thinking this would help him get the county party endorsement via Mason’s well documented choke hold on huge chunks of whatever machine remains in the county. ?Unfortunately, Bill Mason is otherwise occupado.

That Lee felt he needed to endorse Issue 6 to curry favor with Bill Mason, and Lee STILL can’t get endorsed by Cuyahoga Dems, shows he never had the votes to get this endorsement. ?Lee Fisher has been running for office from Cuyahoga County for 30 years, and he can’t even get a majority of his own home party’s executive committee to endorse him over Jennifer Brunner.

And Cuyahoga County is where this primary will be won or lost.

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