A primary against Lee Fisher is set in stone, so I think it’s a good time to step back and see where we are, and where Jennifer needs to go to win this race.

Lee Fisher will outspend Jennifer by a mile, and then some, with a torrent of brain numbing TV ads which will make us all dumber. ?Jennifer will have enough money to be visible in the race if nothing changed. ?However, I’ve argued before, and still believe, that Jennifer can close that money gap in a heartbeat online. ?For that to happen, a lot has to change with Jennifer’s campaign.

The netroots are teed up to shoot Jennifer’s fundraising numbers through the roof. ?Thanks to Lee’s intimidation tactics, via even the DSCC, Jennifer is defined as the insurgent candidate against the establishment. ?Add to that Jennifer’s hero status nationally as Ohio’s Secretary of State in the aftermath of Ken Blackwell, and there is money on the table for the taking. ?Lots of it.

The Brunner campaign is leaving that money on the table. ?That has to change, now.

It is a remarkable commentary that in the year since Jennifer announced, the only occasion that netroots fundraising for Brunner took off was via this pre-Christmas diary, which I wrote, in my spare time (i.e. there wasn’t a Cavs game on at the time), which the Brunner campaign’s online operation completely ignored except to link to Jennifer’s?piggy back post the following day. ?That was a good day.

Every single day since then, the Brunner campaign could have tapped into the insurgent sentiment online to fundraise in large amounts. ?They haven’t. ?And every day that passes without taking advantage of this environment is a day lost.

The only reason I haven’t been able to do more of what I did before Christmas is because Jane Hamsher’s minions have now banned me from Kos in a fit of rage that I pointed out the blindingly obvious. ?If the Brunner campaign is relying on volunteers like me to fundraise, putting their payroll at risk of a bunch of paid Hamsherbots not liking your top online fundraiser, that’s an unacceptable situation. ?I’m about to be running for office myself, and that’s going to take time away from my blogging. ?Others who blog tirelessly for Jennifer will have lives that take over their schedule from time to time, too. ?The Brunner campaign cannot afford that between now and May.

Jennifer, now is the time to change that. ?Your campaign is suffering because of an anemic online presence which relies almost entirely on self-selecting volunteers who may or may not be around to help met your payroll. ?Your online presence needs to be top of the line. ?Right now, it ain’t. ?It hasn’t been for an entire year. ?Time is no longer on your side here.

If Jennifer fixes this, and gets an online presence focused on fundraising, this race won’t even be close by April. ?If Jennifer doesn’t fix this, she will remain vulnerable to money-driven politics, and that’s the only game that Lee Fisher plays well. ?That will place Jennifer’s campaign in jeopardy. ?This dynamic has been known since Jennifer announced almost a year ago. ?It is stunning to me that on the day she files, Jennifer is still in this position.

The good news is that Jennifer can fix this, it’s in her hands. ?She can either fix it and proceed to crush Lee Fisher, or she can let it fester and be in a dog fight.

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