Buckeye State Blog welcomes back Nick D. ?Good. ?We need more voices in the blogosphere on the left in Ohio, and Nick D was always a solid contributor. ?Nick, your voice is welcomed back, rock on. ?Except for one thing, which Nick touches on.

Secondly, I’m sure everyone here remembers the manner of my departure.

In case you don’t remember, Nick’s “manner of departure” was allowing Lee Fisher’s campaign to edit a Youtube interview before he posted it, then pretending it wasn’t a big deal. ?Nick then left BSB after nearly blowing the blog to smithereens, returning to his old blog, where soon after the BSB blowup, Nick’s Lee Fisher campaign button went away.

Because of that, I will not write at all about the U.S. Senate primary between Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher. At all. Attention Fisher and Brunner campaigns: If you want a BSB story about this or that during your upcoming primary fight, talk to David, not myself, because I’m not writing about it.

Who’s idea was this, Potts’ or Nick’s? ?If it was Nick…um…not sure how to tell you this Nick, but that race you won’t write about is THE story until May.

The Fisher-Brunner primary is the first competitive Democratic US Senate primary since 1994. ?This seat has national implications, and is now even more important in the aftermath of Scott Brown’s victory in MA. ?It could result in Ohio’s first female senator in history. ?It was important enough for Nick to seek an exclusive interview with Lee in March, 2009, more than one year before the election. ?This race will be the first statewide race in Ohio history where blogs will have a significant effect on the outcome, and already have.

And one of BSB’s front pagers simply won’t write about it. ?Why? ?Give me one good reason why Nick D should unilaterally remove himself from engagement in this race. ?Because he’s embarrassed? ?Because he’s lost his credibility on the race? ?Who cares? ?I’ve been in the tank for Brunner since day one, so has Plunderbund, no one cares about our credibility.

It suggests that Nick still won’t take responsibility for the editing fiasco, still thinks it wasn’t a big deal, to the point that he will now remove himself from the biggest primary in this state since 1994. ?Nick, you know better.

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