James Renner over at the Independent details just how much the PD has been in the pocket of Bill Mason lately.

It also revealed the chummy relationship that exists between Mason?s first-assistant Michael O?Malley and Plain Dealer metro editor Chris Quinn?they are close friends and some believed that friendship to be the main roadblock to any real coverage of Mason by Cleveland?s daily paper.

The Independent has since obtained emails between Quinn and O?Malley?176 over the last year?that show just how the prosecutor?s office was able to influence newspaper coverage of its employees at the Plain Dealer.

Click through for the gory details. ?All of it went on before, during, and immediately after the Issue 6 campaign. ?And thus, the battle for a newspaper’s integrity has been engaged. ?We’ll soon see who wins.

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  • TrinaT

    Come on, Tim. Is that all there is in those 176 emails? This seems like a bunch of hype about nothing. I was so excited, too.

  • TrinaT

    If Renner has 176 -emails, why did he only quote from a couple? If the other 173 were lacking substance, he should have said that. It makes you wonder if the rest are nothing????

  • Adrienne

    It's becoming more clear that the PD got into bed with the wrong pol. Mason and his gang (political machine) look like a way bigger crooks than the other guys, and the PD got into bed with them to sell Issue 6. Wasn't a fan of Issue 6 before, it looked like another con job on the people of NE Ohio. Now it looks even worse.

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