Weak. That’s the first word that comes to mind. Uncoordinated would be the second. They take the time to run a “first to know” blogad campaign (over there to the right), then don’t do anything with it? I don’t remember being the first to know anything. The only email I got from the campaign was a forward of a media advistory email about the announcement and a mention of the streaming – with no link to it!

The kids on da interwebs might call this a #fail.

I was going to embed the live streaming for PB readers, but embed code was not available unless you viewed the source code of the page on the campaign website. A note to Ohio lefty blogs about embedding the announcement would have been nice. I’m sure the campaign would want PB readers to see it, since we are the lefty blog with the most traffic in the state.

Team Strickland and Or Skolnik (“New Media Director”) need to step up their game. Give us a call or pay attention to those who have and are doing it right. They cleaned your clock on this one.

Does any of this matter at this point? Hell no. Kasich is not going to win the race because he had over 20k view his Ustream.tv video stream. Ted is not going to lose because only 200 viewed his. My point here is if you are going to do new media then do it right. No half stepping. The ‘fern should also figure out Twitter usernames too. Somebody get him a cheat sheet!

Now…for the real important stuff. Yvette was very solid. Great speech. I think she’ll campaign well for the ticket and motivate and inspire many. I was impressed, not having known much about her before. She won me over. I never did get too excited about Ted really, so he needed a little excitement brought to the ticket. Lee didn’t do that in ’06 for me really. Sorry. 😉

If I look at both tickets I think Dems are in a pretty good place right now.

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