In recent years anti-abortion activists have tried to tie reproductive rights to any number of truly horrific things.

They claim abortion clinics are like Nazi death camps and reproductive rights are like the Holocaust.

They claim Planned Parenthood, by supporting reproductive rights for women, is a racist organization on par with the KKK because many of their clinics are located in low-income, primarily-African American communities.

It’s a failure of a tactic practiced by a small number of ultra-conservative nutjobs that tends to harm the overall pro-life movement by making everyone who opposes abortion look like a crazed religious extremist.

And today this tactic was unleashed by Ken Blackwell, a well-documented master of tactical political failures, at a rally in Texas where Planned Parenthood was accused of being a “eugenics organization designed to reduce minority populations” and a group that actively pursues “prenatal racial genocide.”

The event was billed as a rally to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It did the exact opposite. Not only did it not honor Martin Luther King Jr. but it actually abused the memory of one of our nation’s greatest civil rights leaders for the sole purpose of furthering the misogynistic agenda of Blackwell and his religiously intolerant friends like Tony Perkins.

It’s embarrassing to Mr. Blackwell, harmful to the pro-life movement and deeply offensive to anyone who believes in the message of Dr. King.