Despite the similarity in name to a very non-conservative musical icon, Joshua James Brown is a long-time, hard-core Republican.

He has a conservative blog. He belongs to the Federalist Society. He worked for the Buckeye Institute.

This guy is a dyed-in-the wool conservative Republican. No question about it.

And when a guy like this authors a blog post titled “Kasich Disappoints”, one has to seriously wonder about the efficacy of the Kasich campaign.

Mr. Brown attended a recent young republican event at which Kasich spoke. And he expected to be impressed. Yet Brown says that Kasich said “nothing substantive” and he “couldn’t tell you what (Kasich) stands for from that appearance?aside from some rhetorical flair.”


It’s a pretty sad day when a famous conservative TV personality can’t effectively woo a bunch of brain-dead college republicans.