Up until this evening, Jon Keeling was blogging from Virginia that Ted Strickland hadn’t found a running mate.  That he was now supposedly asking Congressman Space which would make for an odd all SEO ticket.   An unprecedented regional ticket that would have as self-destructive political consequences for Democrats as Taylor does for the Republicans.  In short, Keeling was trying to convince conservatives that Ted Strickland would be as self-destructive to his party in picking a running mate as John Kasich was to the GOP.

Except everyone denied it was true.  Today, the truth was reported, Governor Strickland only made his pick until this very weekend, the pick accepted, and everyone expects it to be Judge Brown… who we’ve all been expect to be the nominee for some time.

Keeling’s attempt to make the Brown rollout look as much of a trainwreck as Taylor’s failed.  Keeling, himself, is reduced to crowing about the fact that he tweeted a week ago when the news broke who the likely pick was as validation… apparently overlooking the multiple posts in which he was implying that she was not the pick, had said no, yadda yadda.  Keeling essentially wrote that nothing the campaign did would disprove his hackery…he even claimed that an announcement today or tomorrow would somehow prove that Strickland couldn’t find a running mate… a claim he only made once everyone understood that Strickland would most likely make his known pick either today or tomorrow.

Keeling’s attempt to declare victory on his no-lose situation of his own creation is, at best, more transparent than the Kasich-Taylor budget plan. But it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a mime claiming to do a Houdini act.

If Kasich-Taylor’s rollout was so great, Keeling would have written about it when it became official.  He didn’t.  Instead, he went right into the mudslinging that he and his candidate decry when some journalists simply points out that Kasich’s plan is going to cause a massive deficit, no matter how long you spread it out, and that beyond that Kasich really has no plan for Ohio.  How bad was the rollout?  Keeling doesn’t even talk about the ticket and hasn’t for some time.  Barely mentioned it at all when it became official.  Hasn’t written a word about the disastrous press conference.  He doesn’t talk about how great the GOP is now with an Auditor candidate that nobody has heard from, lost an election as County Auditor as recently as 2006, and has less money than your average township trustee candidate.

As for our ticket, which was kept quieter than Kasich’s, no sooner did the result that Keeling was trying to deny would occur became obvious will occur, he declares victory and went right into attack mode over Judge Brown with even more unsourced rumormongering from Kasich HQ  Virginia.  All the while praising John Kasich’s vision while defending Kasich inability to explain to anyone what it is and how it’s any different from the failed policies of Ken Blackwell and Bob Taft.

Jon Keeling’s complete astroturfing for Kasich beyond the point of credibility has worn thin even with conservatives who actually live in Ohio. Kyle Sisk has been on a tear.  Only Tom Blumer is willing to push Keeling’s crap, but even Blumer goes out of his way to distance himself from it.  And when Tom Blumer keeps his distance because he feels compelled to protect his own reputation…. well.   And it’s not the first time.  Keeling has made a career being an astroturfing hack in Ohio (more on that later.)  But the good news is, he’s been an absolute failure of one.  Ann Womer Benjamin… Steve Chabot… Bank lobbyist Stivers.   Each one Keeling gave his personal anti-Midas touch.  And now he’s groping John Kasich with gusto.  I’m unaware of a single campaign Keeling has worked on that the candidate actually won. 

Jon Keeling will do what all hacks do.  He’ll astroturf until November and leave to return to his government job while complaining about big government… a self-contradiction unaware of the irony of his own daily existence.  And like the crabgrass he is, he’ll pop up the next time a Republican candidate needs to look like he has real support in Ohio… hoping that maybe, just maybe, Jon Keeling won’t lose yet another winnable race.

Never mind that the rest of conservative blogsphere cannot stop themselves from writing how hard it is for them to swallow Kasich this November because of what an arrogant prick he is, or how his very platform is antithesis of the fiscal conservatism the Teabaggers claim to be about.  The Teabaggers Keeling mocked until his latest campaign of the moment decided to wrap themselves in their mantle hoping that they don’t realize that Kasich supported the very policies that created the bailouts, that he once called George W. Bush his “soulbrother.”  Or that  his biggest accomplishment in Congress was as a political prop for the real Republican leadership in their game of brinkmanship with the President while he sat out in the hallways.

Just like with the Strickland running mate, Jon Keeling cannot be bothered being pointed out his own double-talk.  Because Keeling’s only interest is pushing the campaign of the moment, the truth is a luxury he cannot afford.