John Kasich’s former staffer, Homeland Security consultant, and life long suckling on the government teat, Jon Keeling, went after teabagger heroes Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin in July, 2009. for birtherism, racism, etc, which I noticed at the time.

As I’ve discussed before, the Birther movement provided the left with ammo to paint the right as extremist nutcases – an identifier not very much appreciated by the vital Indepedent swing voters.

But as that dies down, the right’s even more recent efforts to paint Obama as racist or racial opportunist may be the key to turning around those approval ratings.

Without getting into the merit behind the accusations, Glenn Beck’s tirade and Michelle Malkin’s interview with Matt Lauer this morning have both provided the left with all the firepower they need to distract from the issues that have been most damaging to Obama and refocus the debate for the left.

Now that Keeling’s next hoped for government funded gravy train, John Kasich, has bent over for the Tea Party, gave the teabaggers Ohio’s own Sarah Palin, and made teabagging vapid hottie, Mary Taylor, his running mate, Keeling’s all about the teabag.

What’s the old world? It’s where belief that attacking voting blocs like the Tea Party movement is a way to win votes….

In fact, we’ve never seen anything like it. Tea Partiers are more a state of mind than anything else – pushing for a hands-off government and an increased sense of individualism. They aren’t all right wingers. And by and large, they aren’t extremists.

And beyond the political class, Americans like them.

Grab that teabag, Keeling, pull on it, wrap your lips around it, and swallow hard. ?After all, Americans like it.