Maybe I shouldn’t take the credit, but I think the entire progressive blogsphere is waking up to the realization that John Kasich really is a phony, paper tiger.

Ohio 15th Blog has a good natured piece about how even Kasich’s campaign slogan is recycled:

There is a book called The New Day: Campaign Speeches of Herbert Hoover 1928. OMG! Is Kasich purposely trying to emulate Hoover?

“A New Day” was used extensively by President Barack Obama in his campaign.

Oh noes, don’t let the Tea Baggers find out that Kasich has been seduced by the Kenyan usurper.  Also, note Kasich=Blackwell.

On a more serious note (as things are with Jill),  Pepper Pike Councilwoman Jill Zimon at WLST picks up on the sales tax implications of Kasich’s tax plan.

As I get ready for my jury trial this week, it’s nice to see other blogs start to realize that we have nothing to fear with Kasich so long as we are willing to take him head on.

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