Because I’ve got a video camera with her name on it.

The question, raised by Nate Silver and others: Is Firedoglake trying to scare vulnerable Democrats into retirement in order to kill health care reform? All indications point to ?yes.? I?m hearing that FDL will conduct more polls in vulnerable Democratic districts, based largely on this chart of the ?top 20 Democrats who could lose their seat over health care vote[s]. Snyder was at the top of that list, posted by FDL?s Jane Hamsher on Jan. 6. (One irony: Snyder is a fairly progressive member of Congress, and not a member of the Blue Dogs.)

Tension between FDL and some other progressive sites has increased since the Senate?s health care compromise took shape?Hamsher has campaigned aggressively to ?kill the bill.? A month ago she predicted that ?left/right populist outrage? would do so, and she hasn?t slowed down since.

The three Ohio Democrats on Hamsher’s hit list are Steve Driehaus, who Hamsher’s already gone after, Zack Space, and Mary Jo Kilroy. ?A lot of Democrats in Ohio have gone to the mat for these seats, for decades. ?Ever since I’ve been in Ohio politics, all of those seats have been targeted, and I’ve done more than my share over those years to help make them go Democrat.

As I’ve written previously, Hamsher and her staff, Bob Brigham, spent all last year getting Ohio bloggers to lobby these same Ohio Congressional Democrats to vote FOR a health care bill. ?I was one of the people who helped them out. ?I will never make that mistake again. ?This woman is a cancer, her tactics are repulsive, and if I ever meet her face to face, she will own that.

Jane Hamsher is no better than teabaggers. ?She’ll be a perfect fit for my Youtube channel.

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