Howie Klein from HuffPo left a comment here today as follows.

Tim, there’s a lot of legitimate anger towards corporate Democrats and towards Blue Dogs. Helping Republicans, though, is (AT BEST) naive. Today Digby had a great suggestion for using that anger towards helping elect BETTER Democrats ( Mary Jo Kilroy is a great example and there needs to be more Democrats like her, not more Republicans like Steve Stivers). Digby’s post:…

And we have a new Blue America page up that we hope people will use as a jumping off point towards helping elect better Democrats and not teabaggers:

I’m front paging the links because I like the sentiment of putting these battles into primaries, and leaving them there. ?But here’s my problem with Jane Hamsher and her ilk. ?They never leave the fight in the primary, because that’s not Jane Hamsher’s business model. ?Frank Rich’s teabagger column today applies to Jane Hamsher as much as it applies to teabaggers.

[This] behavior is not anomalous. Steele is representative of a fascinating but little noted development on the right: the rise of buckrakers who are exploiting the party?s anarchic confusion and divisions to cash in for their own private gain. In this cause, Steele is emulating no one if not Sarah Palin, whose hunger for celebrity and money outstrips even his own.

Hustlers like Steele and Palin [my addition – and Hamsher] take the money and run. All their followers get in exchange is a lousy tea party T-shirt. Or a ghost-written self-promotional book.

Any first year political science major knows that on the political spectrum, the hard left meets the hard right in perfect unison, eventually. ?In this instance, they meet at the cash register. ?Jane Hamsher is a media whore, plain and simple. ?And no, that’s not a female slur, it is a fact. ?Jane Hamsher is not advocating in good faith for any change, she is an opportunist who is sacrificing the good of her own country for the sake of her own self aggrandizement. ?She is eating up this attention, because there is money to be made in pretending to be, or actually being, an idiot.

Lucky for Jane, she’s both. ?Which makes her perfect fodder for my Youtube channel if she ever shows her money grubbing, attention seeking, lying, double-crossing, sorry face in Ohio.