I was shocked to find this claim by Republican John Kasich in a recent article at CNN:

“I think I was in the Tea Party before there was a Tea Party.”

Yes. You read that right. John Kasich invented the Tea Party. Not just the recent tea party phenomenon. You know, the mouth breathing, knuckle dragging wingnut sychophant party that descended upon us this summer. No. John Kasich invented THE “Tea Party?”. The original one.

I was very doubtful until I found this archival footage of the actual Boston Tea Party:

It is tough to tell at first, so we had our crime lab digitally enhance it. I think this show pretty clearly that John Kasich did indeed invent the Tea Party?:

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  • Adrienne

    Sure he did, right before he invented the credit defaualt swaps and the collateralized debt obligations.

    I wonder how much help he gave his fomer employer before LEH was killed to bring on the wall street meltdown. Or maybe he helped package and sell those toxic assets when the weren't so toxic.

  • thomas33

    I have no problem with Kasich and I agree that Strickland needs to go but what is Kasich administrative or executive experience. All I see is another politician. We need people with administrative or executive experience not just politicians that say they can do a better job, we need to know the have done a better job

  • We used to strongly support John Kasich. However, we have become quite disgusted by this man who refuses to even stand up for the safety, upbringing, and dignity of his very own children. John's twin daughters (along with thousands of other children) were deliberately put at risk with several repeat child molesters by the administrators at Worthington Christian Schools and John refuses to do anything about it. Those administrators remain in power, remain as a serious threat to unsuspecting consumers, and remain as horrible examples to all students (including John's own daughters) on how to treat your business customers and fellow man. We no longer believe a word John says because he has demonstrated that he does not practice what he preaches and he clearly has no courage at all and is not fit to be Governor.

    Please refer to the Internet Web Site http://www.NotKasich.com for the facts and please inform and warn all Ohio voters about this “silent bystander” as revealed on that web site.

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