Jane Hamsher’s FDL’s glorious strategy of helping the progressive movement by 1) getting bloggers to get Blue Dog Democrats to support health care, and 2) then blast those Democrats who supported it to the delight of the Republican Congressional leadership continues.

Today, it’s a SurveyUSA poll done by FDL (always reliable) on the OH-01 rematch between incumbent Congressman Steve Driehaus (D) and former Congressman Steve Chabot (Douce).

Which is remarkably picked up by incredible speed by none other than the Tanned One, House Majority Leader John Boehner on Twitter.

Jane Hamsher, who lobbied us to put public pressure on Steve Driehaus to vote for the House version of HCR (which included a public option.)? Jane Hampsher, who was completely okay with the concept of individual mandates until the public option had to removed to get the bill VOTED ON in the Senate.

Jane Hamsher, who’s now giving John Boehner ammunition to attack the very Democrats who supported the Health Care bill she demanded they support until she decided to oppose it.

On Thursday, Hamsher released a poll about the Democrat in the Second Congressional District of Arkansas showing him losing.? He announced he was not running for re-election shortly thereafter.? Her FDL cultist claim there’s no connection, even when her own blog took credit.? A Democrat Jane has helped the Republicans remove with her newfound partnership with Grover Norquist.? Because this, somehow, is going to get a public option passed in a health care reform bill, as if that is the ONLY reason?we?have to need a Democrat in Congress.

Brilliant job, Jane.

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