Here’s yet another story registered Republican Joe Hallett has based on his own prior reporting about John Kasich that he’s, so far, failed to mention.

In the July 15, 2005 edition of the Columbus Dispatch, Joe Hallet reported that Republicans were trying to draft John Kasich to run for Governor.? Kasich said he wouldn’t challenge Betty Montgomery or Jim Petro… basically, he’d only run to stop Ken Blackwell to get the nomination:

Kasich has told political allies he won’t run against Petro or Montgomery, whom he considers friends. He would, however, take on Blackwell, whose fiscal proposals Kasich views as irresponsible, sources said.

So in 2005, Joe Hallett reported that John Kasich was considering challenging Ken Blackwell because Ken Blackwell’s fiscal proposals were “irresponsible.”? At the time, the only policy of Ken Blackwell’s that John Kasich could have possibly be referring to was Blackwell’s TEL amendment which would have limited the growth of state and local spending by constitutional fiat.

Now John Kasich is talking about a tax plan that will, under any timetable, call for the elimination of 40% of the State’s revenues and cannot even bring himself to say that he’s any different from Ken Blackwell on policy.? And Joe?Hallet doesn’t even bring it up.

I’m starting to understand why Matt Naugle was curiously absent from the Kasich-Taylor presser and has been silent lately.? If I were the Kasich-Taylor folks, I’d be worried about Naugle.