A comment left by James Renner.

If Mason were a Gary Trudeau cartoon, he’d be depicted as a tantrum-prone 5-year-old ginger, pouting in his office, trying to pretend this isn’t really happening. I’ve only been reporting in this town for 6 years, I’m relatively green still. But, I have never been hit with so many leads telling the exact same story: that Mason is planning his resignation and that he’s hand-picking his replacements. These sources are sitting judges and county officials. Add to that the fact that effing nobody is coming out and saying “guys, he’s not resigning” and I think you have to use common sense and call it. Common sense says, Mason is already gone, in spirit. When he’ll stop pouting and confirm that is beyond me.

I will tell you this. According to the records I picked up in his empty office today, his greasy influence inside the Plain Dealer is nothing short of staggering. Someone over there should lose their job before this is over. More on that soon.

What’s staggering to me is that for a solid week, Bill Mason’s office can’t bring themselves to deny he’s resigning, and somehow, the PD doesn’t think this is news. ?But they do have time to anonymously throw spitballs on this blog. ?Real pros.