Yesterday, the Kasich-Taylor campaign had an event with the Toledo College Republicans and a private fundraiser afterwards.

And, apparently, running mate Mary Taylor was at neither.? The Toledo Blade story doesn’t even MENTION Taylor, and worse, Kasich himself doesn’t mention her in the story.

This is the first event since announcing the ticket, and Taylor goes AWOL?!?

She’s either upset that John Kasich called her most important policy achievement a “failure” that is responsible for the current state of the economy in the Ohio, or lazy.? Which is it?

Meanwhile, John Kasich has admitted that his frequent claim of “working” with President Clinton in a bipartisan manner to balance the federal budget is a lie:

He quizzed students about their plans for college and careers, and told how he, as a first-quarter freshman at Ohio State University, sent a letter to President Nixon in 1970 and was invited to the White House. “I spent almost 20 minutes in the Oval Office with him and it was really cool. I spent more time at the age of 18 in the Oval Office then I did in 18 years in Congress,” he said.

In Nixon vs. Elvis, John Kasich thinks Nixon was the cool one.?


Bill Clinton wouldn’t have gone to John Kasich’s office to discuss the budget.? And no meeting over the federal budget can be held under 20 minutes.? It’s impossible.?

So, again, looks like the reporting that Kasich was left out of such meetings with President Clinton… to the extent he was left out in the halls of the White House while the negotiations took place is entirely accurate.? They would have Kasich and Pete Dominici wait in the halls so they could emerge to the camera and pretend that they, too, met with Clinton.? That, or John Kasich just lied to a bunch of young voters.

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