This post actually makes me happy.? It tells me that Kasich’s campaign realizes that the Kasich-Taylor launch didn’t exactly go as planned and now they’re trying to muddy the waters to make Strickland’s campaign look like an equal disaster.

The only problem is that it’s entirely untrue.

Jon Keeling honestly expects people to believe that there’s someone who would actually have personal, first-hand knowledge of this and the first person they’d think to tell is a blogger in VIRGINIA – and nobody else.? Jon Keeling expects you to believe that he (ex-Kasich staffer) is more connected to the inner workings of the Strickland campaign than I am (ex-Strickland staffer).? Nonsense.

Look to the immediate right of this website.? See that webad?? Do you honestly think the Strickland campaign would buy a webad to collect addresses and donations to announce their running mate ?if they believed that they couldn’t find a running mate?? It’s already in the bag, and Keeling knows better.

Yes, technically, the campaign’s spokewoman said that “no pick has been made,” but that’s what you say when you want to build up curiosity as to the pick instead of having it leak out like it did with Taylor.? Nobody but Jon Keeling honestly heard that statement and believed it means what Keeling thinks it does.

But if you somehow still are not convinced that Jon Keeling isn’t full of crap, look what he actually wrote:

If Strickland picks someone on Monday or Tuesday, within the “days” as defined by the Governor’s campaign, then we’ll know that while he didn’t get his first choice, he still was able to get things figured out.

Yep, you read that right.? Even if the campaign announces on Monday the pick, in Keeling’s Imagination Land world of reasoning, that actually proves it.? In the Land of the Sane, it would actually disprove it.

Anyways.? Unlike Keeling, I actually DO have connections to the Strickland campaign and they’ve flatly denied Keeling’s story.

First, the campaign spokeswoman Elisabeth Smith told me, on the record:

“The lieutenant governor position has not yet been offered to anyone. As we have said all along, when the governor makes his decision, we will announce it.”

Furthermore, the campaign folks I talked to, all of whom would know, said Keeling is just nuts.? Everyone I talked to in the campaign specifically said nobody has declined to run on the Governor’s ticket.? His entire story is nonsense.

[UPDATE]:? I just got a phone call from Jeff Ortega, the Assistant Director of Communication for Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner.? He had inquired into the matter with key personnel in the Secretary’s Legal Department and says they are “unaware” of anything like what Keeling reported about “someone from ODP” asking the Secretary of State if Strickland could file and name a running mate later.? Expecting the Keeling would try to change his story, I asked Mr. Ortega if anyone from the Governor’s office or the Governor’s campaign contacted the office asking for such a legal opinion.? Again, Mr. Ortega said that his office is unaware of any such request.

Beyond that, Mr. Ortega said that it’s highly unlikely anyone would ask for such an opinion in the first place as both the petitions and the statute unambiguously state that a running mate must be named on the petition.? And that’s yet another reason I knew Keeling was lying from the get-go.? There’s no ambiguity in the statute and everyone understands that a running mate has to be named.? There’d be no point in asking a legal opinion on such a clearly established issue.? I’ve given Keeling the benefit of the doubt, but everyone, whether they’re on the record, on background, and even off the record says the same thing:? Jon Keeling is simply making this up.

Keeling.? I’ve actually got sources and they’re willing to go on the record.? Better luck next time!