The Kasich/Taylor rollout trainwreck yesterday may be best remembered for the pathetic response from the teabag blogger wing of Republicanism. ?When not silent, Ohio bloggers went TO THE MAT for this MOST AWESOME ticket. ? Intrepid crazed teabagger Tom Blumer was in the third row!

Courtesy of Matt Hurley of Weapons of Mass Discussion, I find myself about 10 feet from the stage where John Kasich will introduce his running mate Mary Taylor. Forget the ?people know him? stuff about Hurley. It?s more like ?he knows people.?


There are three rows of chairs (yours truly is in the middle of Row 3 about 10 feet from the lectern (at least until kicked out ? which didn?t happen

Also! ?Yes, Kasich/Taylor is such a juggernaut, it’s nothing short of a miracle that Matt Hurley accomplished the herculean feat of getting Tom Blumer ten feet away. ?Let the LIVE BLOG begin!

The only problem is we don?t have access to wireless, so this is coming to readers ?delay-blogged? by several hours.

Good thing Matt Hurley had all that access and knows people who could put a blogger in a room with no internet.

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