Ralph King is a teabagger from central casting. ?A Republican Party insider wannabe, King has run for various Republican Party positions internally. ?Turns out the insiders realized he was a repulsive racist nutjob, so now, Ralph King runs all things Tea Party in Cleveland.

Ralph King started and manages the Cleveland Tea Party website. ?He’s been at every teabagger event in NEO since February, 2009. ?King appears in this video I shot of teabaggers at a Marcia Fudge health care event, running the show. ?If the Tea Party became an actual political party, Ralph King would be it’s Cuyahoga County chairman.

In other words, Ralph King is the Kasich/Taylor ticket’s reason for being. ?Ralph King is who John Kasich is hoping will get a hard on from Mary Taylor’s presence on Kasich’s ticket. ?Here’s what Ralph King, Lord High Teabagger in Cleveland, thinks of the Kasich Taylor ticket.

If this is true…. State Auditor Mary Taylor should be ashamed and shows she is no better than the rest of the politicians. Taylor was easily the best State Auditor OH had in a long time. The women found untold millions of wasted tax payer dollars.

I understand she may have been worried about the size of her campaign chest and that the dolts in the ORP were not supporting her enough. Like that’s a surprise!

Good thing Mary Taylor appeals to NEO voters!

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