Just heard from James Renner, who was at the prosecutor’s office. ?The office is empty, everyone left at 4 pm. ?Bill Mason spokesman Ryan Miday was there. ?James asked him straight up, is Mason resigning or not. ?Point blank. ?Miday refused to comment. ?Just refused. ?Combine that with Roetzel & Andress refusing to deny that Mason is being hired, and you’ve got yourself a shit storm.

Folks, I’m just reporting that the chatter on an impending Bill Mason resignation has reached fever pitch and beyond. ?I have excellent, multiple sources within and outside the Justice Center. ?I’ve never seen so many Google searches lead to a series of blog posts, all variations on “bill mason resigns”, “bill mason resignation”, you name it.

I will happily admit that no one wants to dance all over Bill Mason’s political grave more than me. ?Guilty as charged, your honor. ?But the reporting is solid. ?I stand by the reporting. ?Media all over this city is getting the same refusal to comment from the prosecutor’s office. ?If Mason was going to resign today, and changed his mind because of this chatter, he’s more pathetically irresponsible than anyone imagined.

The only reason this chatter is so pervasive is a total refusal by anyone involved to deny that Bill Mason is resigning, despite the entire Cleveland legal community being aflame with it. ?If this level of chatter about a resignation was hitting the White House about President Obama, and the White House refused to deny it for a solid week, the world’s stock markets would have collapsed.

I guess this level of irresponsibility is to be expected from Bill Mason’s office. ?What a classless bunch of cowards. ?When you guys do decide to go, do us a favor, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.