Just heard from James Renner, who was at the prosecutor’s office. ?The office is empty, everyone left at 4 pm. ?Bill Mason spokesman Ryan Miday was there. ?James asked him straight up, is Mason resigning or not. ?Point blank. ?Miday refused to comment. ?Just refused. ?Combine that with Roetzel & Andress refusing to deny that Mason is being hired, and you’ve got yourself a shit storm.

Folks, I’m just reporting that the chatter on an impending Bill Mason resignation has reached fever pitch and beyond. ?I have excellent, multiple sources within and outside the Justice Center. ?I’ve never seen so many Google searches lead to a series of blog posts, all variations on “bill mason resigns”, “bill mason resignation”, you name it.

I will happily admit that no one wants to dance all over Bill Mason’s political grave more than me. ?Guilty as charged, your honor. ?But the reporting is solid. ?I stand by the reporting. ?Media all over this city is getting the same refusal to comment from the prosecutor’s office. ?If Mason was going to resign today, and changed his mind because of this chatter, he’s more pathetically irresponsible than anyone imagined.

The only reason this chatter is so pervasive is a total refusal by anyone involved to deny that Bill Mason is resigning, despite the entire Cleveland legal community being aflame with it. ?If this level of chatter about a resignation was hitting the White House about President Obama, and the White House refused to deny it for a solid week, the world’s stock markets would have collapsed.

I guess this level of irresponsibility is to be expected from Bill Mason’s office. ?What a classless bunch of cowards. ?When you guys do decide to go, do us a favor, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  • MSM

    Looks like someone is way backing down from that sure-fire prediction. Can you say tail between legs?

  • apparently Mr. My IP Address Is From The Plain Dealer can't read. I stand by the reporting. Might wanna try that sometime.

  • modernesquire

    You know, I would think that a county office holder spokesman's inability to just DENY any rumor about resignation would be news…. I mean, why couldn't he just say, “No, it's not true.” Or even “I have no reason to believe that's true.”

    Hate to get all Toby on the West Wing on you, but when you're asked a question “is your boss about to resign?” the answer always better be, “No, why would he?”

  • A PD person using MSM as an anonymous username and msm@responsiblemedia.com as an email? LOL. They can't even troll right!

  • Adrienne

    You guys are too funny.
    FYI MSM: these guys always have the scoop. They have it way earlier than the PD. They also seem to have a bead on what's going on in GOP land.

    Considering that I haven't been on this site very long, I find them to be way more reliable than the usual suspects.
    Jealous because their sources ae better than yours?

  • jamesrenner

    If Mason were a Gary Trudeau cartoon, he'd be depicted as a tantrum-prone 5-year-old ginger, pouting in his office, trying to pretend this isn't really happening. I've only been reporting in this town for 6 years, I'm relatively green still. But, I have never been hit with so many leads telling the exact same story: that Mason is planning his resignation and that he's hand-picking his replacements. These sources are sitting judges and county officials. Add to that the fact that effing nobody is coming out and saying “guys, he's not resigning” and I think you have to use common sense and call it. Common sense says, Mason is already gone, in spirit. When he'll stop pouting and confirm that is beyond me.
    I will tell you this. According to the records I picked up in his empty office today, his greasy influence inside the Plain Dealer is nothing short of staggering. Someone over there should lose their job before this is over. More on that soon.

  • jcenter


    I am in the Justice Center everyday. And you are right there is a lot of talk. However, all the speculation seems to have been as a result of your “solid reporting”.

    You & Renner then cite to each other's blog as proof. It's a bit unseemly.

    What can you reveal about these multiple sources? Are they the same people reading your blog and and reporting back?

  • first, we don't reveal sources. second, we're not as influential as you suggest. we just report what's already happening. there used to be a newspaper in this town that did that, but they don't do that anymore.

  • jcenter

    What I'm suggesting is that this is like a dog chasing it's tail. It's circular. You cite Renner (citing “sitting judges” and “county officials”) the buzz is created then you are amazed at all the chatter.
    Those same sitting judges and county officials then are repeating the chatter. To a person everyone of the 20-25 people that I have encountered and have quizzed about their knowledge of the rumor cites the “internet blogs”.

    It's certainly more interesting then talking about the weather but just like the snow these past few days your “solid reporting” is slowly melting away.

    Please tell us you have more then Renner's speculation as he tries to play connect the dots.

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  • modernesquire

    James is a former client of mine. But, he's right. The first thing they teach you in political public relations is that if you're asked if your boss is resigning, your answer is “No, why would he?” So, either Mason's spokeman was sick that day, is incompotent, or he can't say that.

    You pick.

  • all we have is on this blog, and at the independent. that's it. we aren't holding anything back other than sources, which is standard. the reason this is getting crazy is the lack of a denial from Mason or Roetzel & Andress. it ain't hard to just say, “no, he's not resigning”.

  • jcenter

    Thanks Tim for replying.

  • no prob. we're just as perplexed as you are.

  • mvirenicus

    i think i'm becoming a nihilist. i'm asking myself why, personal vendettas aside, anybody should care about this stuff. i have visions of apes jumping up and down in the jungle while shrieking their contempt and warnings to each other. that's not directed at anybody or anybodies in particular; like i said, this is a broad philosophical malaise clouding my mind: we're all screwed and pretty much pathetic as a species. or maybe i'm suffering from clarity. hehe

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  • Adrienne

    Hey MV,
    I haven't been back home in my beloved Cle very long, but you and i both know that something is not right here. At first, i thought it was partisan political witch hunting because that's how Bush and co were rolling. Of course, i thought that Mason had cover from the PD because they were both selling the county reform plan. Always follow the money and the scandal will be outted. I thought Mason was a typical political hack perhaps medicre perhaps incompetant perhaps bias with his own machine to catapult him to higher office.

    Looks like he had a corruption problem himself and used the PD and the other “scandals” as cover. Of course, it helped to have a friend on the paper to provide that cover. All of this has been reported here and not in the PD.

    We have serious problems here and Mason and the others are symptomatic of larger ills. May be corrected with the new form of county govt, but may not since it may not fix the money.

    I was very happy to see Mr. Mason's bright shiny face on the PD front page top of the fold…..maybe the PD is starting to do its job instead of selling the next new sexy bit of nonsense.

    I don't care what people's agendas are if they tell the truth. Looks like the truth telling is here and not in the local rag i read every day.

  • mvirenicus

    oh, i'm fully aware that something isn't right here. simply put, cleveland is dead. stick a fork in it. outside of the major holidays if i see someone between the ages of 18-30 in this town i do a double take. they're gone, along with people from every other age group who have any amount of sense excepting those somehow tenured into good jobs or retired and just waiting for death. if you can't afford the move to florida, what better place to wait for death than cleveland?

    i'm also not arguing about cleveland's corruption problems. the downtown business community along with their media arm run this town, and they've run it right into the ground. remember the dead thing? 😉

    i guess what i'm trying to say is why should anyone care? dead is dead after all. y'all wake me if something really interesting comes along, like cleveland's power brokers being lynched and hung from light poles on public square. that'll get me excited.

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  • Pingback: Have Coffee Will Write » Blog Archive » BILL MASON RESIGNATION WATCH?()

  • Pingback: Have Coffee Will Write » Blog Archive » BILL MASON RESIGNATION WATCH?()

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