This time it’s Rasmussen.  Confirming the trend we’ve seen in the Quinnipiac Poll.  Undecided Democrats are largely breaking to Brunner and she’s now polling at a statistical dead heat against Portman.

Lee Fisher is polling under 40% for the general election.

It’s no longer enough to say that Fisher has no advantage over Brunner in public polling.  He’s now officially polling worse.

There is only one way for us to beat Rob Portman.  Lee Fisher needs to drop out and get behind Brunner.  All the campaign money and endorsements in the world is not saving this imploding campaign.  That’s why Lee Fisher is afraid to even share the stage with her.  He knows that people will recognize an authentic progressive leader when they see one.

How many news outlets will actually bother to mention that Brunner is polling within the margin of error with the same intensity as they’ve been reporting on the money primary?

Donate to Jennifer Brunner’s campaign right now.  It’s our only hope of defeating Rob Portman.

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