Here’s the Plain Dealer’s coverage over the “Tweet predicted around the world” today:

But an independent analysis released Wednesday of a bill introduced by a Republican lawmaker proposing to phase that tax out over 10 years concluded Ohio would lose $768 million next year alone and more in years after that.

Local governments and libraries would also lose money under a plan to eliminate the income tax, according to the Legislative Service Commission analysis.

Kasich has refused, to this point, to say how he would make the plan work or what revenue he might use to replace the income tax funds. Those details will come later in the campaign, he has said.

(Eric already covered the Legislative Service Commission’s report today here.)

Kasich, the former House Budget Chairman, and “One-term Taylor” the soon-to-be-former Auditor of Ohio, is a ticket billed for its mastery of all things budget.

With the Taylor pick out of the bag, now even officially, there’s no way Kasich and Taylor are going to hold a press conference and get away with not answering any questions about the LSC report on the centerpiece issue for their campaign.

(On a side note, I’d like to thank State Representative John Adams (R) for submitting the tax repeal bill so that an LSC fiscal analysis would be released on the day of the Kasich-Taylor ticket launch.? Thanks!)

That press conference in half and hour should be a doozy.? Time to go pop the popcorn.

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