Apparently sensing that their Issue 6 golden boy is about to run for the hills, the Plain Dealer editorial board details Mason’s joy ride with his campaign treasurer Tom Regas, and ends with this, emphasis mine.

Against the backdrop of the biggest public corruption investigation in county history, such a scenario only adds to the public’s perception that key elected officials in this county lack proper judgment and personal restraint. Mason needs to reflect on how his recent behavior has added to that tarnish.

Perhaps the PD needs to reflect on how their recent behavior is adding to that tarnish, too. ?The PD got into bed with Bill Mason to pass Issue 6, knowing full well that Bill Mason had written himself into it as the only remaining elected official in county government. ?The PD knew much else about Mason, and yet became the chief campaign arm of an effort to get voter approval to perpetuate Mason in county government, explicitly.

Here’s how this will go down. ?Mason will resign on Friday citing this drunk driving incident, you’ll almost be able to hear his sigh of relief that he put himself in this position. ?The PD will claim Mason did the right thing, as if riding shotgun with drunk Tom Regas was the only factor. ?Mason will think his career is saved, somehow.

At no point in this charade will the Justice Department and the FBI stop closing in. ?And the PD will hide behind this random event, which serendipity and Bill Mason’s endless arrogance handed them, claiming credit and high ground because they wrote an editorial the day before Mason went. ?Every single sentient being in Cuyahoga County politics and legal circles will roar with laughter.