From the daily archives: Thursday, January 14, 2010

This time it’s Rasmussen.  Confirming the trend we’ve seen in the Quinnipiac Poll.  Undecided Democrats are largely breaking to Brunner and she’s now polling at a statistical dead heat against Portman.

Lee Fisher is polling under 40% for the general election.

It’s no longer enough to say that Fisher has no advantage over Brunner in public polling.  He’s now officially polling worse.

There is only one way for us to beat Rob Portman.  Lee Fisher needs to drop out and get behind Brunner.  All the campaign money and endorsements in the world is not saving this imploding campaign.  […]

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File under “Duh” of course, but here’s more confirmation that Kasich’s main campaign platform of eliminating the state income tax is dangerous:

COLUMBUS — Legislative analysts have determined that a proposal to phase out Ohio’s income tax — a key issue in the 2010 governor’s race — would cost state and local governments and libraries more than $800 million next year.

Losses would rise from $814 million to more than $12 billion by 2020, according to an Ohio Legislative Service Commission analysis obtained by the Associated Press. The commission reviewed the proposal because it’s been introduced as a bill in […]

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Apparently sensing that their Issue 6 golden boy is about to run for the hills, the Plain Dealer editorial board details Mason’s joy ride with his campaign treasurer Tom Regas, and ends with this, emphasis mine.

Against the backdrop of the biggest public corruption investigation in county history, such a scenario only adds to the public’s perception that key elected officials in this county lack proper judgment and personal restraint. Mason needs to reflect on how his recent behavior has added to that tarnish.

Perhaps the PD needs to reflect on how their recent behavior is adding to […]

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First some numbers:

At least 96% of the people in Haiti are Christian. 80% are Catholic. 16% Protestant.

Per capita, that’s way more than the US which comes it at less than 77% Christian. It’s also slightly more than Haiti?s neighbor the Dominican Republic, which is only 95.2% Christian (88.6% Roman Catholic and 4.2% Protestant).

Then some nuttery:

Pat Robertson blames the earthquake in Haiti on the Haitians – specifically their lack of faith. According to Pat, a religious failing on the part of the Haitians didn?t just cause this earthquake but also the numerous other […]

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