File under “Duh” of course, but here’s more confirmation that Kasich’s main campaign platform of eliminating the state income tax is dangerous:

COLUMBUS — Legislative analysts have determined that a proposal to phase out Ohio’s income tax — a key issue in the 2010 governor’s race — would cost state and local governments and libraries more than $800 million next year.

Losses would rise from $814 million to more than $12 billion by 2020, according to an Ohio Legislative Service Commission analysis obtained by the Associated Press. The commission reviewed the proposal because it’s been introduced as a bill in the Ohio House.

Former U.S. Rep. John Kasich, the Republican candidate for governor, has made a gradual phase-out of the income tax central to his campaign platform.

Again, the question is simple. Which programs will you cut? Which prisons will you close and what law enforcement will you lay off? What social services will you end, John? At some point these questions will need to be answered. $800 million next year opens up the gap that Strickland closed. $12 billion by 2020?


So I get back from a week in the Dominican Republic to find Modern absolutely whacking the Kasich camp, right-wing tax foundations, and wingnut bloggers alike. Safe to say he’s had a good week. I’ve enjoyed catching up on everything. Anytime you post a “Many Levels of FAIL” graphic something good is going down. Getting off the island a day before the big quake and finding Modern on this big of a roll were both epic wins. Epic.

I also hear that John Kasich is a new media ninja. LOL