• Associated Press “Republican governor hopeful defends Ohio tax plan.”? Points out that the LSC study shows the first year would, in and of itself, create a deficit that Strickland had to resolve with the process leading to the tax cut freeze.? Always good to be on the defensive when announcing your running mate.
  • Associated Press (again) “Kasich tax plan would cost $814M“? Amazingly, neither Kasich or Taylor seemed to know this as it took the LSC to inform Ohioans of the fact.
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Ohio 2010 election getting shakeup“? How Kasich’s pick of Taylor makes David Pepper more likely to win as Auditor.? Only GOP candidate is a freshman lawmaker nobody has heard of after all the good candidates reportedly pass.? Mandel has made it clear, he’s not switching races.? More great news for the GOP created by Kasich-Taylor!
  • Cincinnati EnquirerKasich: Running mate “very cool“”? No quote from anyone but Kasich calling the pick wise. Kasich again quoted as defending his tax plan.
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer Republican hopeful John Kasich introduces Auditor Mary Taylor as his running mate“? This is my favorite.

Since taking office in 2007, Taylor’s most recognizable moment was last April when she challenged Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland’s proposed operating budget, saying it threatened to leave Ohio with an $8 billion hole by 2012

Her greatest moment is attacking Ted Strickland.

Then it gets worse for Kasich-Taylor:

After her comments, Kasich took charge with his robust and direct style, taking shots at Strickland, Democrats and even Republicans. The pair were not always on the same page.

Taylor boasted about helping craft a 21-percent, five year income tax cut for Ohioans in 2005 when she and Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine were in the Republican-controlled legislature.

Kasich wasn’t impressed.

“Let me say that I think they made an effort, but they just weren’t bold enough,” Kasich said. “It wasn’t enough. It’s clear. . .I mean, we’ve lost 300,000 jobs over the course of the last three years.”

Taylor conceded lawmakers could have done more.

Taylor said she expected a cabinet level position running a state agency should Kasich win. But Kasich said he wants her roving government looking for problems to fix because there’s no place for a lieutenant governor “over in some corner somewhere.”

Aside from that, the pair were in sync with their plans to defeat Democrats in November, shrink government and lower taxes.

  • [UPDATED] Columbus Dispatch😕 Nothing says “I’m not really the frontrunner” like a campaign coming out the gate going negative and fixated on their opponent.
  • “But Kasich and Taylor mostly ducked questions to specify how they would fix the economy and close a projected shortfall of at least $5 billion in the next two-year budget.”

    Nothing like ducking both your plan and the biggest issue to voters.? LEADERSHIP!

    “DeWine called Pepper “a dud” and said the GOP has “lots of folks” eager and qualified to run for auditor, although he declined to name them. “We’ll have a candidate very soon who will be formidable in his or her own right,” DeWine said.

    So far, only a freshman House Republican has come forward that nobody has heard of.? His last campaign finance report shows he had $11k on hand.? ROTFL.

    Then the article mentions the House Ways and Means hearings next week.

    LOL.? After Kasich blames Taylor’s single legislative major achievement a “failure,” he then corrects her again and says she’ll have no Cabinet position.? Once back in sync, the article goes into the ticket’s unifed inability to explain how they’d pay for their tax plan.? Then it mentions the Apportionment Board.? All your base are belong to us.

    • Toledo Blade, opening lede “Making official perhaps the worst-kept secret in Ohio politics…” It then goes on to mention the Apportionment Board, how Strickland has been outfundraising Kasich, and then made another crack about how “anti-climatic” the entire news of the ticket was.? Oh, and mentioned the tax issue.? Money quote from John Green: “it looks like they may be giving up the prospect of winning the auditor’s race in return for the governor’s race.”
    • ABJ column “State Auditor Taking Risk” (“Dropping any plans to run for re-election as state auditor to join gubernatorial candidate John Kasich as his lieutenant governor is not a step up, or even a lateral move, for Mary Taylor.”)

    What not a single media outlet has pointed out, that for all the talk about Taylor being able to bring votes in NEO… it’s not true.

    Taylor is largely unknown.? And she actually LOST her home county in 2006 by over 14,000 votes.? You know, we all seem to remember that she won but forgot that it was barely by over a single percentage point.? Out of nearly 4 million votes cast, Taylor won by less than a 49,000 margin.? And yet, from the reporting, you’d think Taylor ran away with it.? Regardless, her 2006 doesn’t show any sense of regional strength in NEO for a Republican.? So what this is based on is something other than historical fact.

    Worse yet, that is the one positive thing mentioned about Taylor in almost every story today.? And it’s not even true.

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