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Kevin DeWine, the ORP Chairman, just declared questions about the Apportionment Board, off the table for discussion today.? LOL.

John Kasich and Mary Taylor both look really uncomfortable.

DeWine ended his remarks and nearly forgot to shake Taylor’s hand… LOL.

John Kasich is claiming the “Tea Party” mantle: Ohioans are sick of pushing problems down the road.? He’s saying this, I predict, 15 minutes before he’ll tell Ohio’s media that he’s going to push any explanation for how he’d solve his self-created deficit down the road.

Biggest laugh line:? I don’t talk about Ted Strickland… LOL.? (P.S.- He’s spends much of the rest of the conference…. talking about Ted Strickland)

Tort reform… Kasich is claiming that after nearly two decades of GOP rule, we haven’t passed ENOUGH tort reform.

Mary Taylor- Reads from printed remarks (no teleprompter like that Commie Obama!) nothing interesting at all.?? I got to say, Kasich must not be aware he’s on camera.? He’s jittery and yet stiff, maybe he has Parkinson’s.? I should ask Kyle Sisk.

Taylor-? A movement for tort reform… This is a campaign of NEW ideas?? Kasich has thus completed the GOP retread in both policies and candidates.

Taylor is actually talking about how she’s ignored about a looming deficit, while running on a ticket ignoring the deficit it would create. Apparently, while getting her CPA, she never learned the term irony.

Where the hell is this being held?? Kasich’s basement?? There sounds like there’s nothing but 20 campaign staffers and media in the room.

LOL- Every time one of them says jobs, an ad ADVERTSING HIRING pops up at the bottom.? I suspect Todd Hoffman is behind this.

Having twenty folks clapping longer doesn’t make it seem genuine.? I wonder if John Huges dramatic slow clapper was already booked elsewhere.

First question: Hallet asks her about putting her own ambitions ahead of the party.

Taylor doesn’t answer the question.? Didn’t Kevin DeWine tell Hallet questions about the Apportionment Board was not a subject for today?? He must be getting hard of hearing with his upcoming birthday.? The Ohio GOP said no fair pointing out the obvious today.

Second question to Taylor: About the income tax plan and today’s LSC report.? Again, media ignores don’t point out the obvious rule as explained by Chairman DeWine.? Press will get no pizza or punch afterwards now.

We’ll take it on[resolving?the deficit our own platform creates] ?in January… trust us.? Thus, displaying glorious leadership as the ticket kicks the hard choices down the road.

Kasich interrupts.? Keeps citing Florida.? Apparently doesn’t know Florida’s economy?is worse than Ohio.

Kasich is talking back the income tax.? I’m now convinced he said this simple to keep away a conservative primary challenge.? He actually acts like he doesn’t know where this income tax repeal rumor got started.

Kasich says our taxes are the highest in the country.? Just this week the Tax Foundation stated our taxes are equal to the median national average and surrounding region’s rates.? The conservative Tax Foundation said that.? In a report about Ohio’s tax environment… Even the corrected 2.0 version.

Kasich changes to his phony record.? As House Chairman, his OWN Budget never predicted a balanced budget when he left Congress.? It entirely occurred by economic growth.? Not even the CATO Institute credits Kasich for doing… anything, really.

Kasich won’t answer a question of how he would have balanced the state’s budget without stimulus dollars.? After saying he’s not going to talk about Strickland, he then again answers entirely by talking about Strickland.

Kasich claims that they held a parade as they marched him out of Washington… I thought he got rid of all government? wasteful spending?

Question to Taylor- If the businesses aren’t coming as a result of your 2005 tax reform, then aren’t you to blame?? Surprise, Taylor does not answer the question.

Kasich: 24% income tax cut wasn’t BOLD enough.? Surprise, Kasich answers the question about Taylor and blames her for Ohio’s economy.? Somewhere a Kasich staffer desperately looks for a blow dart or the building’s fire alarm.

What’s different under a Kasich Administration: Department of Development will report to the Lt. Governor…. Nobody in the media laughs…. they’re so professional!

Kasich just called the GOP tax reform, that he JUST praised Taylor’s leadership in creating, a failure.? His solution?? Hit the accelerator more and hope a different result.? Staffer fumbles blow dart… loses consciousness.

Again, Taylor, Florida’s unemployment rate is HIGHER than Ohio’s. Jeb Bush was just in town this week, he could have told you.

John Kasich:? I created jobs with Lehman Brothers…. Somewhere Chris Redfern’s ears perked up.

Taylor: Will take a Cabinet position, don’t know what it is because, well…? Kasich says she’s going to be all over state government.? (Even though she was courted to run as Lt. Governor so she could spend more time with her kids. Taylor looks like she just realized that she was conned… she’ll still have to work for her state paycheck.? Bummer.)

Kasich: In describing how horrible Ohio’s economy is in attracting quality jobs, Kasich describes the cool robots being built at the event he held in Mason.? Mixed messages?

How are your policies different from Ken Blackwell’s? Kasich says he wasn’t in politics in 2006.? Seriously, a Fox News host and political author just said that.? Again, the media doesn’t laugh.? Tough crowd.?? Not answering the actual question.? Kasich=Blackwell.

Kasich said he’d rather be compared to Reagan.? Reagan unavailable for comment.

Mentions the Budget Committee chairmanship… again.

Every time they talk about kicking a can down the road and say its a demonstration of a lack of leadership to not do so, it’s a damning indictment of their complete inability to well, explain what they’re running to do.? This is like the third time already at least.? Again, the media is stonefaced.

Kasich actually claims they were good about keeping their mouth shut about the ticket.? Laughter finally ensues.

(Kasich honestly thinks he can save Ohio from the very result of the economic policies he support in Congress. He honestly doesn’t see the disconnect.)

Taylor- Has no idea who should replace her as Auditor because she so super-awesome.

He just called Taylor the “LeBron James” of the ticket and that people are excited.? Apparently, he didn’t read any conservative bloggers.? LeBron James unavailable for comment.

Kasich, after spending much of conversation slinging mud about Governor Strickland decries mudslinging.? John Kasich just made my cat throw up…

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