Hamilton County Democratic Women’s Caucus Secretary Julie Brook admits to Plunderbund that she is colluding with the Lee Fisher campaign on the format of her organization’s forum. ?Point blank.

When I asked her if it were true that a condition of the event is to avoid having the candidates appear together onstage, Ms. Brook confirmed that is the case. ?When I asked if it was the Fisher campaign that suggested that be a condition, she clarified that she took the Fisher?s campaign statement as being a ?reasonable and legitimate request,? but not a demand.

Yes, a “reasonable and legitimate request” from Lee Fisher, not Jennifer Brunner, that Lee doesn’t want to stand on stage next to Jennifer Brunner. ?It is after all, a WOMEN’S EVENT. ?Which means Lee Fisher gets to make the rules for Jennifer Brunner. ?Reasonable!

She told me that the Fisher campaign suggested it in order to avoid the appearance that the event was a candidate?s debate.

Of course! ?Why would the Fisher campaign want the “appearance” of anything other than a harmless little ol’ woman’s forum at a women’s issues event hosted by a women’s caucus attended by another US Senate candidate who is a woman? ?Perfectly reasonable. ? And legitimate!

She informed me that her organization readily accepted the Fisher campaign?s suggestion, and informed the Brunner campaign.

How nice of them to “inform” the woman candidate for US Senate at their women’s event hosted by a women’s caucus that she is not permitted to appear on stage at the same time as Lee Fisher! ?Reasonable, and of course, legitimate.

I asked if the Brunner campaign was ever given an opportunity to offer its input on the idea that the candidates never appeared onstage, and Ms. Brook informed me that the Brunner campaign was not, as her organization readily accepted it and informed the Brunner campaign of the condition.

Well OF COURSE the woman candidate for US Senate should simply ACCEPT the perfectly reasonable and legitimate decision of the Hamilton County Democratic Women’s Caucus that Jennifer Brunner sit down and SHUT UP when Lee Fisher takes the stage at an event discussing WOMEN’S ISSUES, because it shouldn’t look like a debate.

It all makes perfect sense to me.