I just got off the phone with Hamilton County Democratic Women’s Caucus Secretary Julie Brook who wanted to correct a number of items in yesterday’s post about the City Beat article.

Ms. Brook first wanted to deny that there was no intent by her organization to specifically help Lee Fisher with female voters in Hamilton County.

Second, Ms. Brook strongly suggested that Dr. Kane, whom Ms. Brook described as an adamant Brunner supporter who believes the HCDWC should endorse female candidates like Brunner, had only attended a few meetings, and therefore, would not have the personal knowledge of the behind-the-scene activities leading up to the event.

For example, Ms. Brook specified that there was, and is, no intent to turn this event into a candidate debate, and any characterization that it was Fisher, and not the HCDWC, that tried to prevent it from becoming a debate is false.  It is a forum, and the organization objects to any characterization of the event as a debate.

However, I asked Ms. Brook about the factual allegations raised by Dr. Kane.  Ms. Brook confirmed that while it was true that the Fisher campaign was slower than the Brunner campaign to respond regarding scheduling the event, Ms. Brook indicated that there was no frustration within the Hamilton County Democratic Women’s Caucus over Fisher’s response.

When I asked her if it were true that a condition of the event is to avoid having the candidates appear together onstage, Ms. Brook confirmed that is the case.  When I asked if it was the Fisher campaign that suggested that be a condition, she clarified that she took the Fisher’s campaign statement as being a “reasonable and legitimate request,” but not a demand.   She told me that the Fisher campaign suggested it in order to avoid the appearance that the event was a candidate’s debate.

She informed me that her organization readily accepted the Fisher campaign’s suggestion, and informed the Brunner campaign.  I asked if the Brunner campaign was ever given an opportunity to offer its input on the idea that the candidates never appeared onstage, and Ms. Brook informed me that the Brunner campaign was not as her organization readily accepted it and informed the Brunner campaign of the condition.

I thank Ms. Brook for contacting Plunderbund and giving us the opportunity to present her side of the story.

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