Since Plunderbund reported on Monday what the entire Cuyahoga County political/ legal world is chattering about, the shoe has yet to drop. ?We reported on Wednesday that Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason was going to resign on Friday, tomorrow. ?Nothing has happened to change that, in fact the chatter has only increased to a fever pitch.

And yet, no news from the MSM. ?No more leaks. ?No on-the-record confirmation. ?Silence. ?Deafening silence.

I have been in politics for more than 20 years, and I have never seen this much chatter go on this long about an impending event without the event being reported in mainstream media, or leaked further, or flatly denied, or actually happening. ?Never.

Maybe this is a function of blogs – blogs in Ohio have proven consistently to be well ahead of the MSM on any matter to which blogs turn their attention, almost without fail. ?When Mason resigns tomorrow, I am quite certain that not one MSM outlet will note that blogs scooped them for a solid week, neither by name of blog, nor name of blogger. ?(Their names are James Renner and Tim Russo, by the way – just sayin’.) ?MSM will just report whatever happens at the Justice Center, surrounded by satellite trucks and news helicopters.

What this tells me is that a very big shoe will drop tomorrow, and it ain’t just Bill Mason resigning because Tom Regas hit the sauce. ?Someone shut down the leaks, hard. ?Wonder who could, or would want to, or need to, pull something like that off? Any guesses? ?I have one!