Got some airport wifi in Sacramento, which is great timing, because I’ve been wanting to weigh in on the GOP’s new AWESOME statewide ticket.

As I understand it, some dude named Seth or something is now being floated across the wingnutosphere for auditor, thirty days before the filing deadline. ?SO damn AWESOME! ?I guess tomorrow we’re gonna have the SUPER jacked up AWESOME announcement that John Kasich is parroting John McCain to give Ohio yet another MOST FUCKING AWESOME Sarah Palin clone. ?WAY AWESOME!!

John Kasich is doing to the Ohio Republican Party with Mary Taylor what John McCain did to the national Republican Party with Sarah Palin, only MORE AWESOMELY. ?I really wish I were Chris Redfern right now, because at the moment, ODP chairman must be the MOST AWESOMEST job in the history of AWESOMENESS. ?Not even in Fernsy’s most fevered imaginings could he ever create a more perfect scenario than to have the Ohio GOP flailing about for a candidate for an apportionment board seat, one month before filing day, with Dude Named Seth Who No One Has Ever Heard Of SO FUCKING AWESOME, which is the equivalent of running a homeless person who Kevin DeWine tripped over in the Short North on the way to lunch yesterday.