I have to admit that my interest in this race ended the second State Rep. Todd Book withdrew.  Since then, Democratic ’06 candidate Jim Parker, who had declared he would run as an Independent, declared that he would, after all, run as a Democrat.

Today, Anthony at ODP, notes the CQ story that political novice/ P&G marketing executive Surya Yalamanchili has decided now to also run for the Democratic nomination instead as an Independent:

“I entered this race as an Independent because of my deep frustration with the current state of our political system and its inability to address our serious national challenges,” Yalamanchili said in a statement. “As I’ve made my way across the 2nd district, it has become clear to me that I can do the most good from within the Democratic party.”

As much as I admire Jim Parker’s dedication and willingness to really walk the massive district in a purest form of retail politics I’ve ever seen, he’s not the best public speaker and his presentations are, well, eccentric.

Yalamnchili, though, is a novice from the western part of the district.  He’s more likely to be the bigger threat to Krikorian.  I’d expect he’ll be able to financially compete with Krikorian, and he’s an impressive candidate.

I don’t know who the nominee is likely to be.  Krikorian has the advantage of being in the race for awhile now, and has experience running in the district.  I think it all goes to what kind of people Yalamnchili running his campaign and his fundraising.

Clearly, neither Parker nor Yalamnchili would not have entered into this primary, though, unless they weren’t convinced that there’s a sizeable number of Democrats looking for an alternative to Krikorian.  Part of that may have been generated from last Monday’s CQ Politics’ story which upgraded Schmidt’s district from Leaning Republican to Likely Republican citing the departure of State Rep. Todd Book for the Democratic nomination and, thus, leaving only Krikorian as the likely candidate (CQ apparently missed that Parker had announced he was running for the nomination.)

In the end, it’s nice to see in the most Republican of district in Ohio, that the Democratic primary voters have real choices in this race yet again.

I’m not sure what to make of it, but pro-Krikorian Daily Kos blogger Geoffrey Sea has gone completely quiet about Krikorian lately.  Then again, it’s tough to write about what was, for awhile, an uncontested primary.  Who knows.


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