Read this article in City Beat.? I can vouch that the reporting on this was solid.? In fact, I was asked to sit on it until it was published because another reporter was given the exclusive.

The issue is next week’s Hamilton County Democratic Women’s Caucus event featuring U.S. Senate candidate’s Jennifer Brunner and Lee Fisher.

According to the article, Brunner accepted immediately; Fisher took weeks to get back to them.? And then the diva that is Lee Fisher came out:

Later still, Fisher?s campaign contacted the caucus to say the lieutenant governor refused to share the stage with Brunner. The event must be restructured so she and Fisher never appear side-by-side before the audience.

Again, my own sources confirm this is true.? They wanted the candidates to walk out, be asked a question, answer it, and then disappear for the other candidate to appear.? No word on whether a “Quiz Show” soundproof booth complete with a live television shot of a candidate sitting in the booth would also be part of the forum.

The organizers of the event are not happy with Lee, and they’re going on the record about it:

?We felt it was just a slap in the face to Ms. Brunner and very disrespectful to her as a candidate,? says Perry Kane, a Clifton resident who noted she?s speaking as an individual and not on behalf of the caucus. ?We had to change the entire event to accommodate him. He?s just a diva. Lee?s behavior toward Jennifer has hurt him among women voters.?

?I think what it really says about Fisher is he?s scared,? Kane says. ?He?s out-raising her in money but her grassroots support is better. I think he?s afraid he?s losing.?

Now here’s what the CityBeat story didn’t report.? My sources tell me that the event was originally thought up by Fisher supporters who wanted to help Lee make inroads with female voters.? Because it was a party event, they had to invite Brunner, but they kind of hoped she wouldn’t be available.

Instead, the ensuing drama occurred and I’ve been told that many of those folks now support Brunner as a result.

So what does Lee do whenever bad news hits?? He tries to change the story to be about his money.

The CityBeat article just hit today, too.? The FEC reporting period ended at the end of the year.? The report is not due until the end of the month.? We just reported that ODP’s Executive Committee, despite personally lobbying from Fisher, has not moved to endorse him.? And suddenly, Fisher announces his fundraising numbers.? You honestly expect me to believe this timing is a coincidence?

Lee Fisher is so afraid of Jennifer Brunner, he refuses to even share the stage with her.? He wants to hide backstage… with all his money protecting him.? How’s he going to hide from Rob Portman?

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