Jon Keeling, the Pravda of all things Kasich, is really trying to have it both ways with the Taylor pick: it’s unimportant/great news….

First, I have to mock him for this:

Last week 3BP was the first to place their bets on Mary Taylor being Kasich’s LG pick.

You didn’t bet on anything Keeling.? You reported that you were told that it was Taylor, reported it, and now are trying to declare yourself a political psychic.? It would have worked if, when you first wrote about Taylor, you didn’t write that your hearing from multiple people from Taylor.? Nobody reads you because of your insight.? We read you because your a source of intel for the inner workings of the Kasich campaign.

Then’s there this spin:

And we all know what matter first and foremost in announcements like this is the media coverage. Well, that’s the best part of these reports – the positive message that comes with them.

No, the thing that matters first and foremost is your base.? And that didn’t go over so well now did it?? Second, I cannot recall a single time that a Lt. Governor pick didn’t get mostly positive coverage.? Fuck, even Bryan Flannery’s running mate/ND Football teammate got favorable coverage in his bio stories about him.

Third, what positive coverage?? Of the two you cite, in the Dispatch, they note that Taylor is because she’s a poor fundraiser who was facing a tough re-election and because she wants to draw a government salary with no real responsibilities.

Yes, damn right fauning.

And the Plain Dealer?(in the very next paragraph that Keeling quoted)?:

She is not a strong fund-raiser, which was apparent by her noticeably slow start to her re-election campaign last summer against challenger Democrat David Pepper, a Hamilton County commissioner.

And despite holding a statewide office, she is not widely known. Democrats also question her work ethic, saying she is too rarely heard from as auditor unless she is criticizing Strickland.

Then Keeling gets to the real issue for the GOP, Kasich’s ticket leaves no strong candidate for Auditor which was a key component of their strategy to keep a majority on the Apportionment Board.? Keeling writes as if this is a sign of faith by Republicans, but as Scott Pullins reported, the ORP appears to have been kept out of the loop entirely.

Yes, Jon, they have so much faith in this ticket, that’s why not a single Republican has come forward and applauded this ticket.? Something you’d also ordinarily expect when a Lt. Governor pick is named.

Keeling is right that Sarah Palin-lite isn’t going to move alot of voters.? But as the recent book being discussed on all the cable networks,? because the pick of the running mate is the first real indication of how a candidate will govern, it’s telling.

And, boy, is it telling in this case.

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