Let’s see, Kasich leaks his running mate to his ex-staffer who blogs it.? Then gives it to the Plain Dealer and the Dispatch.? All sorts of GOP fingerpointing ensues over the utter trainwreck his pick has caused to the Republican ticket and a key Apportionment Board race ensues.? Then, as David at BSB points out, Kasich breathlessly announces that he’s going to Tweet his “surprise” announcement tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. before he informs the rest of the State at a 3 p.m. press conference (why are they having the media wait that long?? Does he not know that the cat is out of the bag?)? (And why mention what time zone the event is being held?? Here’s a hint, John, all of Ohio is on Eastern Time!? I don’t get scheduling orders from courts that cite the time zone.)? Why even HAVE a press conference?? Is Mary ready to act surprised like Publisher’s Home Clearinghouse just showed up at her door unannounced?

Meanwhile, I just got an e-mail from Governor Strickland’s campaign announcing that he’d like to tell people who sign up with his campaign (and/or donate) first to know who his running mate is going to be.

I got to believe that Strickland’s approach is going to be more successful in getting people to sign up at his site and watch because I really don’t know who the pick is going to be.

The timing of this is perfect.? As Kasich struts foolishly on the public stage as if his running mate pick isn’t already known by everyone, Strickland reminds people in comparison how undisciplined and wreckless the Kasich campaign is.

It’s not going to win Strickland’s re-election, but it’s fun political theater nonetheless.