I am told by very reliable sources that Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason will resign this Friday, and that a replacement will be named. ?I am also informed that whoops of glee and dancing about is occurring in many places throughout the Cuyahoga County legal community. ?No word on whether or not anyone is banging on glad tambourines, but I would imagine if tambourines were available, they’d be banged gladly.

This starts a process to name a new prosecutor within the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, precisely the same process that named Bill Mason county prosecutor in the first place, when Stephanie Tubbs Jones moved to Congress. ?In that process, as James Renner reported some time ago, 49 precinct committeepeople are Bill Mason placements in the prosecutor’s office. ?I presume those people, and their actions within the new process, will be watched closely by the same folks currently wiretapping half the county government. ?In other words, prepare for a circus, right in the middle of the new Cuyahoga County Executive and Council campaigns.

But that’s for another day. ?Today, and Friday, are for rejoicing. ?A sad, pathetic, parasitic, egomaniacal, repulsively exploitative, foul human being will no longer have the full power of government with which to destroy lives for his own political gain. ?That is something to be celebrated. ?We have three days to enjoy it. ?I plan to do so quite thoroughly.