Take one day to spend on planes crossing the country away from internet, and look what happens! ? Well, here’s the deal on yesterday’s ODP non-endorsement news. ?Some blog history for you.

By this time in January 2006, the last time ODP faced statewide primaries, an endorsement process was well under way, set in stone, and its eventual endorsements were well known. ?Recall that Chris Redfern had just been elected chairman in December, 2005. ?Within days, a screening committee was being put in place to solidify the ticket for Ted Strickland, Sherrod Brown, and most specifically, Marc Dann over Subodh Chandra. ?In fact, by mid-January, 2006, an ODP screening committee had already been named internally.

None of that is going on now, nor has been. ODP says so, both in Modern’s original reporting, which he revised, and their separate statement issued later in the day, and let me quote.

As of right now, there has been no movement in that endorsement process, but that should in no way imply that there will be no movement in the future.?

Yes, it should in EVERY WAY imply there will be no movement to endorse, based on ODP’s own past endorsement processes. ?If there is “no movement in that endorsement process”, one month before the filing deadline, there is no stitch up for any one candidate, which is the only reason for there to be an endorsement. ? No stitch up means the endorsement ain’t happening.??Maybe this whole thing could be thrown together tomorrow, sure. ?Try to get odds on that. ?Be my guest.

Lost in all the spin, though, this may be the very first time ?ODP has ever issued a statement in response to a blog story, ever. ?And all because Lee Fisher’s head exploded when he learned he won’t get an endorsement from ODP. ?That’s what’s going on here – soon as Lee saw this news, Lee turned red with rage, and started working the phones, just as he’s been doing for the entirety of 2009. ?ODP had to issue this statement just to keep Lee from spontaneously combusting. ?I hearby apologize to Chris Redfern for any role Plunderbund may have played in the rotten day he got yesterday thanks to Lee Fisher’s head exploding!

Lee’s campaign for an ODP endorsement is a failure. ?He couldn’t get it done quietly over a period of one solid year, and now he can’t get it done loudly, with ODP telling Lee in this public statement that he’s failed. ?Reading “there has been no movement”, when Lee has been pushing for that movement with everything he’s got for a year, must really be a bitter pill.

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