I’ve independently confirmed what Joe Hallett has today – Mary Taylor is leaving the auditor’s race to run as John Kasich’s LG. ?What Hallett doesn’t report is that there is still no Republican candidate identified to run for auditor. ?Also, it does appear that Kevin DeWine is the driving force behind Taylor joining John Kasich’s ticket. ?And there is some bad blood at work here – Taylor and DeWine both despise former GOP chair Bob Bennett, there’s Alex Arshinkoff bad blood with Bob Bennett, and there are some grumblings that DeWine is forcing Taylor into the LG slot almost out of spite.

Insanity. ?Sarah Palin style. ?What is it with Republicans and teabagging hotties? ?They must think that you win the next battle by repeating the same mistakes of the last battle you lost. ?Mary Taylor is a poor man’s Sarah Palin, but apparently lazier, and with less brains, in a race where her presence as LG has precisely zero impact other than to give her fellow teabaggers a hard on. ?With no candidate for auditor immediately apparent, this knee jerk places the apportionment board at risk beyond Chris Redfern’s wildest dreams.

The Ohio Republican Party has taken leave of its senses. ?Good.

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