I’m assuming that Joe Hallett’s Columbus Dispatch story today confirming what we reported here at Plunderbund that Mary Taylor has agreed to be Kasich’s running is still citing his source and not Hallett’s personal observation.? Regardless, this is rather stunning rationale:

For Taylor, who has teenage sons, the demands of being lieutenant governor would be far less than those of being auditor, and she could spend more time with her family.

Would you ever hear such a rationale for a male running mate?? What about John Kasich’s kids?? He features him on his website.? Are we supposed to both applaud the female running mate from turning away from the responsibilities of governing while applauding the male candidate’s sacrifice?

Hallett’s story reads as a campaign press release, not an objective piece of news reporting and analysis.? Read it and then read Jon Keeling and tell me if you can tell the difference.

Hallett completely IGNORES how Taylor’s exit from the Auditor’s race gives the Democrats a shot to win the only nonjudicial statewide office held by a Republican, and one that is a critical seat for the Apportionment Board.

Hallett doesn’t even address the rumors that the GOP has no candidate to run in Taylor’s place for Auditor, with Mandel and DeWine reportedly passing on it.

Hallett doesn’t even address the conservative outrage that will result when it appears that Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine is trying to use Taylor’s exit to force grassroots conservatives’ favorite, Delaware County Prosecutor David Yost out of the State Attorney General’s race in favorite of his relative, former U.S. Senator/Lt. Governor Mike DeWine.? The Butler County GOP, the heart of Ohio Republican politics, overwhelmingly endorsed Yost over DeWine despite the fact that DeWine hails from nearby Greene County and went to undergraduate school there.

Despite his willingness to carry some of the most vile talking points from conservative bloggers, Hallett doesn’t even mention the collective yawn from the right over this ticket and concern that it could lead to a Democratic-controlled Apportionment Board, instead.

None of these angles are even mentioned by Hallett.? It’s journalistic malpractice.? Here’s also something Hallett fails to mention.? He’s a registered Republican.? With his birthday coming up, I guess he got his present from the Kasich campaign with the exclusive of who Kasich’s running mate will be.? I just cannot imagine his editors have let him regift it back to Kasich with such a soft glove treatment of his pick.

Instead, Hallett says we should all applaud that Taylor is doing this for family reasons.? Think about the last time a male politician left their current office for “family reasons.”? When was the last time you viewed that as a positive thing?

I’m literally timing the minutes before I get a fundraising e-mail from the David Pepper campaign.

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