Well, at least the Plain Dealer is awake (sort of).  Look like Kasich isn’t going to be able to wait until his campaign Internet house party after all.  The PD, citing GOP sources, reports as Anthony at Ohio Daily Blog did, that the announcement will be made Thursday afternoon.  This is the first printed story to mention the Apportionment Board ramifications issue and the lack of any GOP candidate to replace Taylor:

With Taylor out of the race, Republicans now must find someone else to run for auditor against Pepper.

Republicans could ask state Rep. Josh Mandel, of Lyndhurst, a prolific fund-raiser who is running for state treasurer, to instead seek the auditor’s post.

“I have not been approached,” Mandel said. “Right now, I’m focused on my state treasurer’s race. I don’t feel comfortable commenting on speculation.”

Republican attorney general candidate Mike DeWine is another possibility, but he said he is not interested.

“I’ve made it very clear for a long time that my passion is for the attorney general’s office,” DeWine said.

So, again, Mike DeWine isn’t going.  Mandel left some wiggle room, though…

Meanwhile, Scott Pullins reports that Taylor was an easy sell because she was frustrated at the lack of support she got from the Ohio GOP with fundraising.  A source of frequent frustration expressed by her own supporters on her Facebook page.  So, that would mean that Taylor took, as Pullins and other put it, the “easy way out,” thus leaving the GOP scrambling for a candidate for Auditor.  Pullins admits (and Hurley seems to concur) that this occurred completely outside the influence of ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine.  Pullins even suggests that Taylor is so angry about her treatment at the ORP that she didn’t even give DeWine a heads up that his endorsed incumbent for Auditor was baling to “spend more time with her kids.”

Matt Hurley is reporting that State Rep. Matt Dolan has already embargoed a press release for tomorrow announcing his resignation.  Hurley speculates this might mean Dolan is going to run for State Auditor.  Even though just yesterday, he wrote that Dolan would resign to run for Cuyahoga County Executive full-time.  (So I doubt it.  But it goes to show the panic among the GOP faithful.)

Hey, Republicans, it’s 37 days until the filing deadline, do you know where your statewide ticket is?