Remember this morning when I wrote that conservatives would get upset to hear that ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine is now trying to get AG candidate David Yost to run for Auditor instead?  Yeah, it’s already happening.

I’ll just say this.  One of the first responsibilities of a gubernatorial candidate is to wisely pick a Lt. Governor candidate who will not cause you problems with your base or independents.

For all the criticisms of Ken Blackwell as a candidate, he didn’t generate this kind of anger and resentment in his party over his Lt. Gov. pick.  John Kasich, on the other hand, has conservative bloggers seeing red and writing that they don’t care if he loses.  I may have to start using John Kasich < Ken Blackwell now.

Can’t wait to read the rose-colored glasses spin of this by Joe Hallett/Jon Keeling.

John Kasich < Ken Blackwell.