ODP Communication Director Seth Bringham’s official statement from ODP per the e-mail I got from Todd Hoffman:

“The Party made no announcement today that there will not be an endorsement in the U.S. Senate primary. Pre-primary endorsements are a part of the process of the Ohio Democratic Party under our bylaws. An endorsement could be made at any point before the May primary with a 60% vote of our Executive Committee, and a meeting of the Executive Committee can be called at any time. As of right now, there has been no movement in that endorsement process, but that should in no way imply that there will be no movement in the future.”

First, let me point out that Chairman Chris Redfern has publicly said that he’d prefer that the ODP not endorse in this race.  So, I don’t know where Seth calls it part of their process, especially when there have been countless instances in which the Party issued no endorsement.

Second, both Seth Bringham and Todd Hoffman were involved in telephone conference with me this afternoon in which I made EVERY change to the story they asked, including the headline.  The post is in its present form with all they requested and with all the qualifiers which they demanded.

Third, and I’ll say this again, I’ve made it perfectly clear that it was my, and not Seth’s, implication that the fact that the Ohio Democratic Party has not undertaken any step towards issuing an endorsement that suggested one is likely never to occur.  It is insane to think that the ODP would issue an endorsement after waiting nearly year without doing so only after the candidates filed.  If they wait until then, the non-endorsed candidate has no ability to run for any other office under Ohio law.  That seems rather poor to wait until that point if they were going to issue an endorsement.

While it is true that an endorsement could technically happen at any time before, or hell, even DURING the day the primary election is held, it is equally true that it would make little sense for ODP to make an endorsement after the candidates file.

I asked a point blank question and reported the point blank response.  I then edited that response upon request to add clarifications and qualifiers.  Not content with that, I have now published separately the “official” statement of my source.

And I fully stand behind my post.  It is no secret that the Fisher campaign has, for some time, being actively lobbying members of the Executive Committee to endorse Fisher.  I have been told, from multiple sources, that Fisher himself has been personally involved in the effort.  Therefore, it is newsworthy to note that despite that lobbying the Executive Committee has yet to even schedule a meeting, let alone put the issue on the agenda. 

While it’s true that could change, so could one of the candidates change parties.  However, I’m not in the business of reporting what could happen.  I’m in the business of reporting what is happening.  And right now, as even this third revised statement indicates, the Ohio Democratic Party is not moving towards an endorsement for any candidate in the Democratic Senate Primary.  Nothing this statement tonight, issued some five hours after the last post was signed off on, has changed that.

(And I am annoyed.)